Exclusive: Anonymous Trump Book

Scoop: ABC News/Epstein

Scoop: Donald Trump Jr. and Kimberly Guilfoyle to Appear on ‘The View’

SCOOP: Former CIA Officer Has Not Had Upcoming Book Cleared By CIA, Sources Say

NEWS: Trump/Elephants

Scoop: Bank of America/Pakistan

Exclusive: Julián Castro/Animal Welfare

Breaking: Scientology Sued By Four Women

Exclusive: Feral Hog Man

Exclusive: Newsom Trump Tax Returns

Exclusive: BBC & Iran

Exclusive: Boehner Baited Ailes With Non-Public Info on Benghazi Probe in Attempt to Sway Fox News Bookings, New Book Reveals

Scoop: Fox News Host/Text Messages

My CNN Piece

Scoop: Kamala Harris/Fox News

Scoops: MSNBC-John Heilemann/Fox News/The Atlantic Writers

New: CBS News Sweeping Changes

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