Exclusive: NBC and Gabrielle Union

Good Evening,

In a story I have been working on for several days, I have some new details on the ouster of actress and producer Gabrielle Union from NBC’s hit talent show “America’s Got Talent”

Link to my story: http://bit.ly/2OPhajt

Union was fired from the program Friday after sources told me Simon Cowell and the producers deemed her to be “difficult.”

The difficulty?

  1. Union repeatedly registered complaints about Simon Cowell’s smoking indoors (she’s highly allergic to cigarette smoke)…which is a violation of California law

  2. She raised objections to racist jokes and commentary made my guest host Jay Leno and producers.

  3. Union was told that a 10-year-old black rapper who was popular with the audience wouldn’t make the cut to the next round. And when a group of white women high kicking dancers were suggested instead and she objected, she was allegedly told “we need an act America can get behind”

Many more details in my story: http://bit.ly/2OPhajt

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