Just over a year ago, I tweeted a thread that shared my concerns about the financial crisis so many people were facing as a result of the pandemic.

As most of us were concerned with protecting ourselves and our families, I got worried about all of the people who were without money. Many of you told me that my thread forced you to pay attention to the needs of others and led you to help your friends and neighbors.

As we start to return to normal, I am concerned that the people who have been ravaged by this pandemic have been forgotten. Unemployment and stimulus payments aren’t enough to help them or they don’t qualify for those payments.

And what people keep forgetting is all of the eviction and utility moratoriums are about to expire and tens of millions of Americans will be facing eviction and shut off of essentials.

Because I have spent the last year giving money away, I receive thousands of requests every day from people who are in dire need for help. People send me their private financial info and login info in an effort to prove to me that they are in genuine need of help. That’s how bad things are.

I have some thoughts on this crisis which isn’t getting enough attention and hope you will read my latest thread:

You don’t need a Twitter account to read it…but I hope you will take a minute to read it in full. Would mean so much to me.

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With Gratitude,