Open Discussion: Scientology

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I’ve been investigating Scientology for five years (and been obsessed with it for much longer) and have done over a dozen stories about its abusive practices and corruption.

Something that always fascinates me is the different impressions people have when it comes to Scientology and how they first learned about it. Some will say “it’s just as bad as any other religion!” Others will refer to it as some sort of kooky sci-fi religion. And some will call it a cult.

I always want to be clear with what my position is: Scientology is a dangerous, criminal cult that inflicts horrific psychological devastation on its members. It is not a religion by any stretch of the imagination…it is a totalitarian state and for-profit business masquerading as a religion.

When did you first learn about Scientology and what is your impression of it? What do you think of their practices and how they handle former members and staff?

Now…let’s discuss! Also, I’m happy to answer any questions you might have about Scientology as an organization, its practices, celebrity Scientologists, etc.