Open Discussion: Trump, GOP, and Impeachment

I did my first two open discussion threads on my SubStack last week. Heard from so many of you that you loved it, so I’m going to keep doing them!

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Here’s where we are…

Sources tell the New York Times (and other reporters have confirmed this as well) that Mitch McConnell believes that Trump has committed impeachable offenses and he’s pleased that the House is going to vote on impeachment.

Liz Cheney, the #3 Republican in House leadership, has released a scathing statement saying that she will be voting to impeach President Trump.

The acting US Attorney in DC held a press conference today where he said that people would be shocked by what his office has discovered took place during the violent insurrection. He says that his office is pursuing charges against hundreds of people.

Other members of congress have come out saying that impeachment is divisive….

Meanwhile Trump says that what he did last Wednesday was absolutely perfect and that any attempt to impeach him will be seen as a massive slight against him and his supporters.

BREAKING NEWS (adding this here): Axios says that Mitch McConnell is leaning towards convicting Trump.

So what the hell happens now? And what do you think should happen?