Open Discussion: Trump and Social Media

I did my first open discussion thread on my SubStack last night and now I’m doing another one re Trump and social media.

In the future, they’ll be for subscribers only but now they’re open to all.

Here’s where we are…

President Trump’s beloved Twitter account has been permanently suspended. His official campaign account has been suspended. His digital director’s Twitter account has been suspended.

Google has suspended the Parler App, which is popular with conservatives and Trump fans, from its app store. Apple has threatened a similar ban.

A lot of this comes from the violent insurrection at the US Capitol earlier this week.

The key here is not the impact it has on Trump right now…he’s the president, he has the world’s most powerful bully pulpit, it’s how it impacts his life/political career after he ‘s no longer president.

What do you think about these suspensions and other enforcement actions social media companies are taking?